Electrical insulated mats



Honeywell Insulating Rubber Mats
The Honeywell Insulating Mats provide a unique solution to protect workers against electric shock across substations, transformer rooms, LT and HT control panels, electrical switch rooms for AC and DC installations, battery rooms, and generator set rooms.

tested as per IS 15652 2006.

Patented dual-layer technology Bicolor Mat The two colors and two layers of the mat serve the purpose of mechanical damage indication and give hint to replace the mat when color change is visible on the surface.

Flame Retardant In case of flammable liquid spill or spark, fire will not propagate. Tested as per IS 15652 2006 Clause C-5.1.

Working Temperature -10 to 55 DegreeC

Shock Proof Protect flooring from damage in case of heavy material impact.

100% virgin material Longer and reliable life.

Certified by IS 156522006 Ensures the minimum regulatory requirements for India.

Tested by the reputed ERDA laboratory.

Moisture and water repellant Easy to clean. Hassle-free maintenance.

Good tensile strength and elongation properties Ensures low brittle and cracks, good foldability. Tested as per IS 15652 2006 clause C-2

Category 3 Product Not affected by acids, transformer oil, alkali, and diesel.

Good Electrical properties Protects against desired voltage class as per IS 15652 2006.

DC & AC protection Suitable for both DC and AC electrical installations.

Insulation Resistance Excellent insulation mechanism up to 10,000,000 M with 500 V Megger.

Class A Thickness 2.0 mm ( Working Voltage 3.3 KV, AC Proof Voltage 10 KV, Dielectric Strength 30 KV)

Class B Thickness 2.5 mm, Working Voltage 11 KV, AC Proof Voltage 22 KV, Dielectric Strength 45 KV.

Class C Thickness 3.0 mm, Working Voltage 33 KV, AC Proof Voltage 36 KV, Dielectric Strength 65 KV

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